Daily Water


Divide your weight in pounds in half and drink that many fluid ounces everyday. Minimum.

Time of Day

  • One large glass first thing in the morning with lemon. 
  • After a cup of coffee or tea.
  • After a workout. Make sure you are replenishing fluids after sweating! If you're exercising for 60 minutes or less and properly hydrated you shouldn't need to drink water during a workout. Maybe just a sip if your mouth gets dry. Traditionally it's not advised to drink water during Yoga practice as it interferes with the detoxifying heat that is created by movement and breath. However if you are doing intense exercise and/or sweating a lot, you need to replenish fluids during the intense activity.
  • Before or between meals. Try not to drink too much water with your meal as it dilutes enzymes responsible for digestion. In Ayurveda it is thought that water puts out the digestive fire required for burning food into fuel. 
  • Early in the day. So that you're not waking up in the middle of the night to pee! 

Hot, Cold and Sparkling

  • Sometimes ice cold water can be very satisfying. However the body uses some of it's energy to bring the water up in temperature. Tepid water is gentler on our internal regulating systems.  
  • Sipping hot water following a meal can be soothing for digestion. Add lemon! 
  • Sparkling is ok to sip on in small amounts because it helps you to burp, releasing trapped air. I actually like having sparkling water with a meal because I'm more likely to take small sips. Too much sparkling can cause gas. 

Acknowledge Your Individual Needs

  • As individuals we all need different things. I encourage you to listen to your body to figure out what works for YOU in the area of daily water intake.
  • Think about what type of vessel do you prefer to drink from. Use your favorite glass, water bottle or a mason jar. Drinking water can feel like a form of luxurious self-care if we treat it that way.
  • Find a practical way to make your water portable. Your commute is a great time to hydrate.
  • I prefer my water plain, but add things in if that appeals to you. Things like lemon, lime, cucumber, mint leaves and other herbs are great to experiment with.