Farro Makes the Best Salad

The best farro salad I ever had was at Charlie Bird in NYC's West Village. I found every and any excuse to bring friends, family and my boyfriend there and I always ordered the same thing. When doing farro salads at home the trick is to cook a lot of flavor into the grain. This one also put my instant pot to good use! 

1 C Farro

2 C Liquid (I usually use water, or 1 C broth with 1 C water)

1 or 2 Tbs Apple Cider Vinegar

2 Tsp Salt

2 Bay Leaves


Rinse your farro in a mesh strainer so it's not dusty. Dump everything into Instant Pot and give it a stir. Cook on 'High Pressure' for 10 minutes with the steam valve locked in the sealed position. Allow the pressure to naturally release for about 5 minutes. Strain out remaining water if any is left, and discard bay leaves. Use this as a base for your farro salad.

Hint: The superstars in the Charlie Bird salad are the basil, mint and pistachios. Mix in some sliced radish, halved cherry tomatoes, shaved parm, arugula and dress it with a homemade lemony vinaigrette. I often make this as a part of a simple dinner with friends.