Food and Drink Hangover Cure

It's in our nature to indulge in things that give us pleasure. It's impossible to expect ourselves to be perfect all the time. What we can work on is our definition of indulgence. When we're living a balanced lifestyle our highs and lows become less extreme. As this happens we struggle less with guilt and shame surrounding the indulgence. Instead we casually accept our choices with Love.

Psyllium Husk

A soluble fiber that absorbs water and toxins as it passes through the digestive tract easing the digestion of foods that might cause irritation. 

Take it before bed with a full glass of water. 

Water with Lemon

Drink this first thing in the morning. It helps balance acidity in the gut. This literally gives you a fresh start! 

Bone Broth

Bone Broth is soothing for the body and gut. It will help with any inflammation caused by excess sugar, alcohol or fatty foods. Use it to make my Turmeric Tea Latte or Muddy Hot Cocoa 

Gently Move

Most likely if you've indulged there is a bit of inflammation in your body. Gentle movement can help reduce stiffness and bloating. However this is not the day to push your limits as inflammation restricts range of motion making you more susceptible to injury. A gentle 30 minute walk, bike ride, swim or Yoga practice will feel great. Follow this with loads of water and rest. You can push harder tomorrow. 

Eat with Love

After you've eliminated in the morning start to think about a gentle breakfast. Oats or yogurt with fresh fruit and some form of protein (protein powder or nut butter) are good ideas. Drink lots of fluids throughout the day to ensure elimination between meals. Avoid excessive amounts of oil, salt, and sugar. Eat loads of whole colorful fresh foods. Make sure your meals are satisfying and soothing. If we restrict ourselves too much we will most definitely be on the path to over indulging in an unbalanced way. See if you can tune in to see what your body needs to feel good. Eat with Love and you can't go wrong.