Practice Movement with Love

A daily movement practice is essential for a balanced lifestyle. Tuning into our physical bodies is an important way to connect to what our needs are from food, relationships, career and other aspects of our lives. Your daily movement practice should be routine, just like brushing your teeth. Activities that are routine or habit require less willpower than things that are not. However, we can't remain in the same gear day to day or we will burn out. This is a short guide to help you create a sustainable and consistent movement practice. 
  • Learn from a qualified teacher and see them regularly. It's important to have a resource who can support you and answer your questions. In order to effectively answer these questions your teacher should be familiar with you. 
  • Schedule your movement practice into your calendar like any other appointment. Be realistic about the time you need and the time you have. 
  • Relish in the days that time is on your side. Put in some extra energy, push a bit harder, and take longer to cool down at the end. 
  • Learn to listen to your body and back off when something doesn't feel right. Take it easy when you're tired, and adjust your practice accordingly. When you take responsibility for your own practice your teacher will be able to support you in a healthy way.
  • It's better to do a little bit than none at all. If you're short on time, energy or space still do your thing. Be flexible with yourself. The circumstances surrounding this area of your life won't always be ideal. This is part of the practice. Accept the extra challenge that environmental factors offer with a light heart.
  • Experiment, change it up and have fun! Always be open to new things that might be interesting for you and give them a try. Strong attachments lead to stagnation, rigidity and can hold you back from an important learning opportunity.